We all have memories of certain places we will never forget. We remember the scents, the surroundings, the emotions, and certain aspects around every corner. Those places were like Home to us. My Home was Heartline Cafe, and Heartline was my Life and is Today.

We have had such great success over the years. Many families were touched, and many great reviews. Today’s times, COVID has hit all of us intensely in different ways. We could barely make ends meet. It broke my heart to see that place I called my Home go, but my parents and I decided to sell the Restaurant’s Building… but we were not selling ‘Heartline’.
We were not done yet!

Our History

My parents opened Heartline Cafe in Sedona, Arizona when I was just one year old. They had dreams of it being one giant family, united by great food and honest hard work. Over the next 30 years, they accomplished that and more. I grew up there in all of it, and my Heart has always been at Heartline. I can remember sitting at the bar eating a rack of lamb and crème brûlée while all the servers folded napkins before opening. They would help me with my homework, tell me stories, or sometimes we would just fold napkins together. I truly enjoyed every minute of my childhood. Back then I had a bedroom next to the restaurant office. I used to peak my head out on busy nights and watch all the chefs flow through the kitchen. It fascinated me to see the speed and focus on their faces. I even started cooking when I was 9 years old. I could taste the passion; For me, food has always been like another language.


Heartline Catering

When we lost the restaurant, we did not lose the work to cook and help people you can now get our Heartline Event your Home or one of our event occasions. It’s easy, Book your free catering call today.

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